Advanced biomedical research requires systems biology approaches where bioinformatics and computation biology play an important role. The primary research in the Laboratory of Computational Functional Genomics is the development of methods for analysis and integration of omics data to understand underlying mechanisms, derive new hypotheses, and identify therapeutics in human and animal studies. We are also interested in modeling host-microbiome interaction to understand its role in shaping the wellness or disease of the human body.


    6.7.2021. Tina’s paper: “Integrating microbiome and metabolome data for host disease prediction via deep learning neural networks” is accepted for oral presentation at IEEE Biomedical and Health Informatics (BHI 2021), July 27-30, 2021. Congratulations!
    5.26.2021. Shang’s BITFAM paper: “A Bayesian Inference Transcription Factor Activity Model for the Analysis of Single Cell Transcriptomes” is accepted by Genome Research. Congratulations!
    5.12.2021. Congrats to Tina on giving an oral presentation “Is Gut Metabolome More Informative than Microbiome in Predicting Host Phenotype?” at GLBIO 2021!
    4.29.2021. Derek’s paper “MiMeNet: Exploring the Microbiome-Metabolome Relationships using Neural Networks” is accepted by PLoS Computational Biology. Congratulations!
    7.15.2020. Derek’s paper is presented as a short talk at ISMB 2020, “MiMeNet: Exploring the Microbiome-Metabolome Relationships using Neural Networks”. Congratulations!
    7.8.2020. Derek gives a talk at DelTA 2020 on his paper, “Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks to Boost the Performance of Machine Learning in Microbiome Datasets”. Congratulations!
    5.9.2020. Derek’s paper, “PopPhy-CNN: A Phylogenetic Tree Embedded Architecture for Convolutional Neural Networks to Predict Host Phenotype from Metagenomic Data” is accepted by IEEE JBHI. Congratulations!
    11.22.2019. Congrats to Jingting for receiving a job offer as a Clinical Data Scientist from Gilead Sciences, CA.
    11.03.2019. Derek receives a Student Travel Award to attend the IEEE BIBM conference in San Diego. Congrats!
    10.22.2019. Congrats to Jingting for a successful Ph.D. dissertation defense! Title: “Computational Analysis of DNA Methylation and Gene Expression”.
    10.20.2019. Shang presented a poster presentation at Cell Symposia of Transcriptional Regulation in Evolution, Development, and Disease. Title: “A Bayesian Inference Transcription Factor Activity Model for the Analysis of Single Cell Transcriptomes”.

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